Odd reflection?

I need a couple of things understood cause they have been confusing me.
The balls do not reflect the “hair particle” system for some reason… even if I instantiate them by converting the system to mesh… any ideas?

What would you suggest to do to the snow material to make it more life like… it looks too smooth for my liking (not referring to general deforming which is there but more to material)

Thanks in advance for any ideas… even additional comments


Thank you for that link I know about that tutorial… it was a point of inspiration but it still doesnt reply to my other questions :slight_smile:

An update to the above scene…

  1. Made white fur look more fluffy
  2. Played with snow texture and made ita bit more real life
  3. Found out that “hair” wil not refelect no mater how hard I try :(:no:
  4. Red furry part looks like a shag carpet… but still toying aruond with particle system to make it look better… unfortunately my PC crashes if the number of children+parents grows to large so I’m scared that the hat will end up looking thinly covered… we’ll see!
  5. Added wire oops to the balls for hanging… not that they need hanging anyway !:slight_smile:

I’m not sure, but try giving your hair a wire material

maybe an environment texture for lighting?