Odd rendering problem

So I was working on this scene of a big house and yard, and hit render, it gave a warning of some kind that I didn’t quite understand on the Dos looking screen that runs at the same time as blender. What happened was it kept rendering and re rendering the scene and I had to end the program to get it to stop. Could I have just hit render animation by accident?


It sound like you could have hit animation. I’m not sure about the warning, without knowing exactly what it was. I’ll bet if you look in your temp directory, you will see a bunch of jpg files named something like - xxxx_001.jpg, xxxx_002.jpg. I think the default animation output is jpeg, so Blender will create a jpg for each frame of the animation.

yes, you probably hit animation…just to give some advice, you can hit escape and exit a render or animation without having to exit the program.