Odd Scaling Issue - Is this a bug?

Hello, I have noticed an odd scaling discrepancy, and I am wondering if there is an easy way to correct it?
When scaling in Object mode, Blender seems to retain the original line length value; rather than reporting the new line length. It changes the value when scaling in edit mode just fine. I’ve attached an image of a scaled cube (scale 0.5 in X in Object mode, then switched to Edit mode to view the line lengths) showing this error. Is there a way to get Blender to reset this number to be referencing its size in Blender units?
I am most concerned as on a large project I am in the middle of and I rescaled a sizable number of objects. Now I cannot read the new ‘true’ size in Units.
Thank you,


With the object selected in Object mode, do Ctrl-A to apply scale and rotation.

That’s great!
Thank you very much,