Odd shape

I ran across this shape in another model I was working on but stopped (partly due to this shape.)

I’m almost done making a corkscrew wine opener like the one here

At the top of the center shaft where the notches stop and the bottle opener “head” piece is, there’s a tapered section.

It starts circular, tapers to flat, but at the same time creates that parabola shape in its taper.

I’ve tried using parts of circles as well as moving individual verts around but I’m not really getting anything desirable.

I tried to find a picture of the shape in another context but don’t really know what it’s called. I’ve seen it before in mechanical arm connector/multi-axis rotation pieces.

Let me know if you’re still unsure about what I’m talking about


I sketched up (really fast) what the shape sort of looks like in the mechanical sense I was referring to it in.


I created this using the proportional edit tool with sharp falloff.


I think this is the part you want to build. I started from quarter cylinder mirrored two ways. Added appropriate cuts and extruded the hinge tabs. And finally Subsurfed it, and added some cuts close to the edge to control the roundness all around:


He was talking about this…

But using it with the shape that he had sketched out

Playing with the subsurf and some crease value , i obtain this :

attached the blend ( 2.49b and 2.57b versions) if it can be of any help


nn249.blend (130 KB)

Hey, sorry I had to step away from this model for a day. I’m going to look over a couple of the different methods you guys have showed me and see what I can get to work well for me.

Here’s what I’ve got so far, I tried a little harder than normal to get a clean and even mesh so once I’ve got it all finished up I’ll throw on the subsurf.

Thanks again for the help!