Odd trouble with normal maps, viewport shading, rendering

Hello there.
Sorry for the vague title but I really don’t know what’s going on. Here’s the story:
I have to make a rigged character. I started my project with Blender 2.71 RC1. Currently I’m on 2.71.
Problems are:
I made a material in Blender Internal applying a diffuse and a normal maps. They both show in my viewport (set to glsl and viewport shading set to textured). They also both show in the material preview. When rendering the normal map has absolutely no effect though. I also feel the diffuse is blurred out, but my main concern is about the normal map.
Also, I tried to render my character in Cycles, so I got rid of the BI material and built a Cycles material from scratch, but both maps have no effect, in both viewport, render and material preview.
I’m on Ubuntu 13/Amd.
Am I doing something wrong or?!?
Anyway, any thoughts appreciated, thanks in advance.

Blend file with all textures packed before you save your file (File / External Data menu) ?

Without that we have no idea what your material, lighting or render settings are

Solved! Apparently I panicked too early.
It was indeed a version problem. I imported the character in a brand new regular 2.71 scene and now everything is working as it should!