Odd vertex selection behavior in "only visible" mode

(Blender 38200, windows 7-64). Selecting a vertex in “only visible” mode gives strange results : blender selects another vertex, not the one I want. Same for edge selection, but face selection seems to work fine. So I have to switch to “Use occluded geometry” to get my selections right, which in certain cases is a little difficult.
This does not happen with my b37920 version on my laptop (core i5, win7-32)
Anyone knowing about this ? Coult it be a bug or am I alone in this case ?
Not a big deal anyway, just wondering. Thanks for replying

I am having the same problem with latest 2.58 release. Frustrating!!

Same thing here. I want to be able to select multiple vertices including some that lie behind others, but it will only select those I can see.

Things I know aren’t the problem,

-Yes, I’m in edit mode.
-Yes I’m in select vertex mode.
-Tried in wireframe mode, same result.

AND in addition turning to occular geometry mode changes nothing for me.

Try updating your graphics card drivers and disabling anti-aliasing in your graphic card control panel.

Hmm maybe one of you could uploud his .blend-file because then its easier to fix :wink:

I have antialiasting off in both my card settings, and inside of Blender. Couldn’t find a newer driver for my card though, on ancient work laptop. Assuming it’s newest driver.

Now that I’ve played with it some more, I’ve realized I can’t move any two vertices even when I select them holding shift in perceptive view. It always ends up only moving the one vertex that my mouse is closest to when I drag.