Odd walking for monkey

Hi im new to the forum and new to blender. I have been learning a lot in the past months and working on a game that is basically is a combination between Facebook’s icy tower and Donkey Kong Country. Its 2d game in a 3d environment, platform, nothing complicated

As i am new to blender the logic part of the game is quite problematic at some very specific things that the game requires.

One of these specific things has to do with the the character walking in the game, it only has to go either right or left, the controls have been established (key -> for right walk and key <- for left walk) and the character walks.
Now, the problem is that, when you press left key and start walking the character faces left, but if you press righ walk, the character will walk to the right but STILL be facing left

Does someone know how to fix this? I was told it has something to do with states, maybe, but to be honest i have not a clue.


ps: sorry for my bad english

Um…you could use a 180 degree turn. But that isn’t very reliable. How are your bones setup? If you have the right bones, you could make it work very easily.

havent really set up the real character yet, i am doing a simulation with a cube

Should i use the character instead?

What I was suggesting, is that you have your character, and in that character you have a single bone that is on the bottom or something. Call that bone pivot. Make sure that the parenting system of the armature all lead back to that one bone.

After all that, all you need to do is animate that one bone to turn, then apply that in the game engine. Its a lot simpler than it sounds.

I would recommend CartoonSmart.com for some of the basics you need.

In those tutorials you can think of the pivot bone that I speak of as the root bone in their setup.