Oddly Shaped Eye Question and Anime Cel Shading???

I have a question concerning anime esque style eyes that are quite flat and shaped like deformed pentagons. What would be the best way of going about designing this and making it look it’s best? I’m still a noob that’s learning and haven’t done much UV mapping yet. I’ve tried it with UV mapping on the flat plane of the eye and here my latest attempt I modelled two iris’ and placed them over the eyes. Trying to make my character look around looks awkward at best. Is UV mapping the best route and can I animate a UV map to make the character look around? Also, with UV mapping, is it possible to keep my color materials that I have, but maybe do some touch up and place like lets say small scars or even added black lines on top of my mesh materials to make it look even more detailed and anime like but not have to recolor the whole thing?

Can’t really answer your first question, but as for the second:


Take a look at this, I think that it shoud be what your looking for.

That is amazing, thank you! Exactly what I was looking for concerning the decals, perfect. Now for the eyes, hmm, guess I’ll just have to keep at it with the trial and error.

Well right now I have a ghetto rig set up that’s working fine for my purposes. I ended up using a curve path and constraining the retina/iris combo to that using a “clamp to” constraint so that it moves along a set path across the surface sclera of the eye and it looks fine. That’s one problem solved, now to just figure out how to rig this guy for some kung fuey goodness.