ODE Joint Physics

I am still working on supporting all of the ODE Joint options, there are several, as of now only ERP (error reduction) and CFM (mixing force) are supported. ODE offers many joint constraint types, even more than Bullet last time I checked.

More info on my blog about the Pyppet2 project:

Excelent work thanks

are this gtk inside blender …?

@kakachiex2, yes its GTK3 inside Blender. This is done purely from Python using ctypes.

Wow that is amazing, thank you for you hard work :slight_smile:

New breaking joints, and “joint damage”. The stress of each joint is measured, if over the user set threshold the joint can weaken and break.

Cool! Very impressive features!

testing new biped solver that helps the puppet stand without the need to apply constant upward force to the head.

That’s one drunk monkey, I am no different on friday nights :slight_smile: