Odie Wallpaper

My first project here :slight_smile:

A wallpaper with Jon’s and Garfield’s Odie.
Rendered with YafRay, postpro in Gimp, “Odie” Logo created with Inkscape


And here the 1280*1024 version:http://nummi.ch/felix/Gallery/OdieWallpaperFinal.jpg

EDIT: newer version

And the bigger version:http://nummi.ch/felix/Gallery/OdieWallpaperFinal2.jpg

C & C welcome

Hehe looks so cool :smiley:

Good job.

Idd, very cool.
I remember seeing another version of Odie around here a while ago.
But this one is a lot better.

Good job. Whens the garfield one coming? :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t know yet whether I’ll make Garfield… I think Garfield is more difficult to model

good work,excellent modelling, i like the lighting, it’s very soft, only two crits:
-his feet aren’t quite on the ground it looks like he’s floating
-the colours look a little washed out for a cartoon character, maybe try making them a little more intense

Newer versions with color adjustment:

@superman - Odie isn’t floating… I’ve checket it. It looks probable in such a way, because of the postpro or the roundish feet :slight_smile:

:o , make garfield about to kick him and i’ll make it my wallpaper for sure, amazing work

hehe sweet i love the garfield comics although he looks a little cough fat put very nice.
Is there any chance of a desktop with garfield and jon?

Now I am working on Garfield :wink: