ODS addon installation

hi there ive installed ODS engineering for use with blender. the file is showing up in the addons section but i cant check the box. any ideas what might be up :S ?

I installed the addon with Blender 2.63
which blender version you are using?

ive been told that the programme will just find whatever blender is most updated and since ive got 2.65a it keeps finding that. so apparently id have to uninstall that blender and get 2.63a. which i cant do at this point because. im going to try uninstalling blender soon and getting the older version. apparently theyre working on a version for 2.65a also.

i have the same problem! i try also with blender 2.63a but it doesn’t work!
what should i do?

Why not ask the addon authors ? http://www.ods-engineering.com/contact/