Ody-C : Update 23/05/2013

This game is a third person shooter with a slightly toon-ish graphics style. The style incorporates heavily stylised characters in relatively realistic environments.

The key focus is on game-play rather than a story line; though this will be a key factor, I’ve included some screenshot’s and a link to a video of the game. My main aim is to create the core game-play and the first level.

Current objective:

  • Improve AI, optimise, finish weapons

this looks really great is there a gameplay video

The simplified character design is great, it will make animation and physics a lot easier. I think you’ve got something here. Make sure to make a dA Fella mod! http://da-fella-club.deviantart.com/

Edit: Also, by realistic do you mean brown? ^^;

That made me laugh! no the scenery in the game won’t all be brown, I aim to have lot’s of varied environments it’s just this one is rather brown.

Also Throwdown the video link in the original post goes to an early game-play video. As you most likely know though, there’s still a lot to get done.

You should make the reticle a different color, especially if you have dark environments.

Recently implemented
*Reticule now white (thanks to Magnum Opus for suggestion)
*Dirt texture changed to grass texture, Grass now greener.(thanks to Raiderium for pointing out it was really brown)
*Melee system now implemented
*Simple AI removed (to resource intensive due to high poly and complicated armature + temporary anyway)
*small bug fixes

Current objective:
Finish character controls (reloading, health system, update animations)

could you post a blend of the environment?? and python for imporvemnt in other games?

I would rather not release a blend of the environment. and this game is about 50/50 logic bricks to python. so a lot of the python needs the logic bricks to work.
However I will include a .blend of the mouselook script(from http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/) and the Bullet-hole script I use.
just so you know this is a 2.49b script.
please feel free to use this script all I ask is if you release a game using it that you credit me for the script. Thanks.


Bulletholeandmouselookexample.blend (319 KB)

Here is a link to the Gameplay of the new features.
Please leave comments on what you like and how you feel it can be improved.

That looks GOOD!

I would add a reflection to the windows (GLSL)

Yeah, a reflection on the windows would be good. I think that the player character needs to bob up and down when running. While jumping, the character’s legs should move more, as well. A muzzle flash should be present on the gun when you shoot (a lamp would be nice to help brighten the place up). Looks pretty good so far, though; very nice work.

reflection on the windows is now included. thanks for the idea JESUSFRK14.

I’ve included some new screenshots of the new area and new feature. the core controls are about 90% done, I’ve just got to update the jump animation( Joeman16’s suggestion) and then I plan on creating multiple weapons.

also there is muzzle flash on the gun it just isn’t always recorded by the screen capture.

I keep my competition wiki up to date so here’s a link
Mattline1’s Wiki

thanks to those who’ve made suggestions. I do like to hear what ideas others have for this game so please leave replies of what you like/don’t like and how you feel it could be improved.

look like the game “babo” except its almost 1st person shooter

Here’s some new screenshots! and a link to the new Gameplay video
Gameplay 3
as always please offer insight on how you think it’s going.


Here’s a small update. I’ve recently been working on the logic and scripting so there’s not a lot to really show. However I do have a new weapon, the pistol.


how’d you get the grass?

as said in the first video the grass is pretty simple. it’s just meshes with a grass texture applied to them

Hey I really like that game. Nice work. Good idea that the ball rolls when he he is dead.

awesome, looks really great!

The environment looks a lot better without the brown grass. Good job; this looks like a nice downloadable 360 or PS3 game. A couple of suggestions are that when running, the player should animate faster (he shouldn’t walk the same speed that he runs). The death animation is very well done, but you should add some friction on the dead core sphere (it rolls a bit much).