OE Cake!

This is an extremely fun and time-consuming physics sandbox game.
The mac version is better for once, while usually this software is only available for PC.
Never mind that, anyway. Here are the links:
mac: http://www.mediafire.com/?amtjjm5u3mt
PC: http://files.filefront.com/OECAKE+for+Winzip/;9951318;/fileinfo.html

holding shift and pressing a material shortcut key makes it pour from the ceiling.
: makes all momentum vanish
; removes gravity
, makes things disappear when they exit the screen
. toggles inflow (pouring)

To mix materials together, the only option for windows users is to press escape, enter the key shortcuts in a sequence for the materials you want mixed, and escape again. For mac users, there’s an attributes editor window (you can open all the extra windows by holding command and pressing 5,6,7,and 8.
Some cool combos: IMFH is a gooey bomb, VEMTB is a breakable material which, when broken/melted by fire, it becomes a gooey substance.
QE looks cool; it indicates when it bends with lighter color wavy things.
IO eats everything and reproduces (and orbits Jupiter).

The awesome thing about oecake is that you can drag any images onto the screen (preferrably with an alpha channel) and it will turn into the material you have selected (including custom materials).It crops the object created by its alpha channel. put a VEMT bush into an HR cheesegrater if you want :slight_smile: