# of polys in a model

hey how do you find out how many polys are in your model in blender?

There is a bar at the top of the screen. It has a File menu, an Edit menu and some other stuff. There is also a section of this bar that says something like “Fa: $NUMBER_FACES | Ve: $NUMBER_VERTICES | Ob: $NUM_OBJECTS_SELECTED - $TOTAL_OBJECTS | La: $NUMBER_LAMPS | Mem:…”

$NUMBER_FACES = the number of faces (or polygons) that are selected (so selecting an entire object will tell you the number of faces the whole object has. It also takes subsurfs into account, but doesn’t always update properly. you have to enter and exit Edit mode, or something…)

$NUMBER_VERTICES = the number of vertices selected

$NUM_OBJECTS_SELECTED = the number of objects selected compared to the total number of objects

$NUMBER_LAMPS: the number of lamps (I think)

you may have to reduce the size of this title bar, so click on the little triangle-thing (I forget the technical word) beside the file menu.

IF I’m wrong about any of this, I hope someone corrects me, but i think it answers the question well.


I just want to add that most of the “softs” and “game mods” work and define polygons as a triangle object, and the Blender “standard” is a quad one

So, you can “triangulate” your object: enter edit mode, select all the vertices and do Ctrl-T, and you can read the number of “polys” in the titlebar as Gr8RedShark said
or, much easily: select your object, go to editing panels/Mesh one and read the number in the Decimator button