Of Ravens Blood - WIP

Welcome to the project - Of Ravens Blood - a Medieval-based Strategy/Roleplaying Game!

A topdown strategy/roleplaying game.

The game will incorporate both strategy and roleplaying elements to create an immersive and fluid gameplay experience. The player will gain control of a number of hero units, who will develop their skills and gain strength and prowess as the game progresses.

A level of realism will be retained whereby our heroes aren’t superheroes; they are a group of people fighting for a just cause. They will have to pick their fights wisely, as there will be battles that are certainly un-winnable without proper strategy and a significant tactical advantage. These small scale fights will prove challenging and immersive, and hopefully really really fun to watch!

The game will be set in medieval times. The land is in disarray as the actions of a certain wry and manipulative prince are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore; raided supply caravans, captured messengers, and now even full scale attacks on watch posts. The other powers in the land decide it’s time for action - and so a chain of events is set in motion that brings the most unlikely people together, each sworn for their own reasons to put a swift end to the treachery that has befallen these kingdoms…

For those who followed the original thread, it seems Karhedros’s life has become busy and he cant steadily help this project anymore, which leaves just goh and I to work on this game. A specail thanks to kcmcroxton for doing some animations for the demo!

Anyone is welcome to join this project! Currently all positions are open. :slight_smile:

Team so far:
Karhedros: - Concept Art
Excalaberr - Coder, Textures
Goh - Story, Modeler

Progress has be slow but steady, we are currently working on the first demo level, and expect it to be released within a few weeks!

Most of the base code is finished, but we still have a few models that are a work in progress.

Screens: - Lighting is WIP, a few models are WIP and without textures.


Graphically, it’s looking very official. Great job so far.

Oh,the real life and how it tends to intervene with our hobbies :slight_smile:
Anyway the Alpha is progressing nicely, but we still lack a proper animator. Please guys or gals, don’t be shy! We have a ready list of animations needed and a rig that wants some stretching :slight_smile:
A dedicated texturer would also be nice to have aboard.We have a lot of nice lowpoly models that will benefit from new clothes.
Me and Ex can do it but we have just 9 hands :wink: So…come together!

@SolarLune: Thanks, hopfully we will have the demo out within a few weeks!

The first levels script is written, I’ve started finalizing the main menu and the pause menu and, goh is still creating amazing models on a regular basis!

More updates soon