Of The World and The Sky

I’ve read some tutorials about skydome and skybox (the ones in Blendenzo’s site recently) but I remembered one tutorial about making sky via texturing the world (I forgot the site though) which is in my personal opinion, more practical and realistic (no Truman effect). My questions are:

  1. I tried texturing the world but it won’t show up when I press ‘P’ (test played it). What happened?
  2. If I make a skydome/skybox, how do I make the day/night shift effect? I can’t seem to change hue/saturation value of the UVmap then record it to IPO.
  3. How do I put it (question 2’s answer) in the logic bricks setup?

Thank you for your help.

world texture don’t work in the game engine, only “plain” colors!
Here’s a tut:

To fake night/day, use a mesh as skydome, enable “light” in “Face Select” mode, add lamp(s), and animate the “energy” IPO curve of them


Oh, yeah, the light and lamp setup worked. Thanks OTO!
Kinda confused with stars now though. I was planning to use the world’s star IPO but…

BTW, is there any way to make the rotation of the sun and moon in the dome where the moon changes it’s face (the moon cycle ping-pong from new-crescent-full)? I plan to use a semi-transparent UV mapped sphere filled with a lamp for the moon but I got no ideas for the face changes and the rotation’s IPO (in other words, to move both the sun and the moon in circular motion but still inside the dome which isn’t a sphere). A little more help please.