Off center symmetry how?

Hi all! I am learning blender right now and got into one issue. It seems that I cant make symmetry for a mesh which is off centered.Usually I use it all the time in modo while modeling an armor pieces for a character. Is it possible to have such symmetry in blender ? Maybe some addons can do it ?

Thanks in advance!

Add an empty then set it as the mirror object in your object’s mirror modifier

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You need to switch the transform orientation to one that will suit your object’s orientation.

To do this, go into edit mode and select an edge that is on the orientation you want. Then switch the transform orientation to Normal and save that by clicking on the little plus sign in the transform orientation menu (see nelow). That creates a unique transform orientation that you can use elsewhere. Now you can do what you were trying to do and it will be on the right angle.


Maybe I misread the problem. Didn’t realize he was trying to mirror. This sounds like the right answer.

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I tried that but how to make its orientation same as the offcentered geo though ?

I will add that my geo was rotated in edit mode not in object mode.

Actually I noticed that its better to use object mode for placing the mesh offcenter and then applying symmetry modifier will work. I am coming from modo and might be thinking differently atm

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That’s the problem. Your object has to be rotated in object mode, otherwise you’ll have to follow @Anthony_Forwood’s solution. Once the transform orientation is set, set your pivot center to your 3D cursor, then snap the cursor to the edge. Now you’ll be able to mirror your mesh using s + z + z + -1.

If, in the future, you want to do this non-destructively, use a mirror modifier instead and make sure you rotate your objects in object mode.

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