Off-Road Racing GT demo

ok well i did alot of work on the game today and i got kinda of a demo setup. The cars dont drive around yet. becasue i dont no know to make them do that with py scripts. But the menu setup is basicly what its going to look like in the final product. please download and tell me what you think. also if you would like to help me with the game. heres the link its a 5mb file, oh yeah i for got to say that i didnt use any scripts in the game it was all made in the bge. that would probaly explain for the big file size. thanks.

Hookie me up with some linkage to the .blend. I could get some stuff rolling. I’ve been playing around with the Rot FH settings and that could be what you’re looking for without all the scripting. That’s what I used in the snowboarding game and I think it should work just fine in your game. It just won’t have suspension.

well thats fine.hmm the .blend is like 12mb the one with the demo. i can like send you a car and a track. hows that?

Ahh never mind. I’ll PM you a link to a little concept thing I made. It’s just to show how to kind of fake suspension and how movement might work.

I don’t get it. What are the controlls??? How do you make the car move?

like i said up above they dont move. it just shows what it will look like once i do get the scripts or even logic bricks on the cars. that is what im working on right now.