Off Road Vehicle - WIP 1 - NoviceInDisguise

I have been working on this model for the past few days, and I decided to see if I could get some constructive feedback. I have only been using Blender for about 8-9 months, so any input would be very welcome :yes:.

All materials are temporary, I will not finish them until modelling and assembling is completed.

Here are some shots of what I have so far, the frame, suspension, wheels and engine.

For the wheels I used the mirror, array, curve deform method. It works amazingly well!

Looks really cool (y) !

Thanks! I’m working on it :).

Do you think this is animatable? And any hints on how to do it? I don’t want to get the car too complex before trying to animate it, in case I have to re-build it . . .
I think the hardest part will be animating the suspension, maybe a lattice deform?

UPDATE: New view from the front. I have gotten the vehicle rigged for still pictures, so I am now going to proceed with the assembly/modelling part.

This is my first vehicle, so if there are any hints on how to make it driveable, they would really be appreciated!

UPDATE: This is what I’ve accomplished since this morning. Needs a lot of work, but it is starting to pull together.


Any ideas for ways to improve it are welcome.
Some ideas I have already is making the front end more “aggressive” which might be possible by adding the tubing frame to it. I am also going to add some sort of metal mesh/grate to the windows at some point.

Also any input for how to make realistic car lights ? ? ?

And yes, I know it is not photo-realistic. I am going to make it completely, save a copy, and then move on to aging it and making it look believable. It is much easier than trying to make something broken from the start ;). I am contemplating a few scenes to put it in, we’ll see farther on which one I pick. It will involve mud on the body and in the air though :yes:

Okay, this is plain and simply AWESOME!!! It is amazing! :smiley: Um, my only suggestion would be, you need to change the body material… I don’t know what to, but atm it almost looks like it’s made of dirt or something… not metal :frowning: And I would sculpt some damage into it :smiley: Just a thought :wink:

Do you make tuts btw? If so… I need a LINK! :smiley: I envy your skills, big time! :smiley:

Thank you! Don’t worry, as I said above, materials are temporary (the tire and body are actually the same material right now :D), and I will be adding damage once it is complete.

Nope, no tutorials yet. I have only been using Blender for 8-9 months, so I really am still a newbie. Biggest thing I found out, is don’t be afraid to google something. Someone else already had the same problem, and fixed it ;). Try Andrew Price, CG Cookie, and CG Geek. They have some good stuff, and don’t be afraid to browse around for new things. There are some amazing tutorials out there!

Awesome!!! :smiley: Looking forward to the final result! :smiley:

And 8-9 months?!!?!??!?! Dude, I’m 10 months old today! :smiley: I watch Andrew Price, have a premium on Blender Cookie, watch some CG Geek, a little Blender Nerd, good bit of Sardi Pax, every episode of Mason Mezies, and a whole lot more! :smiley: You are above and beyond making tuts! In fact, I’ve already been asked to make tuts, and I’m no where near as good as you :smiley:

Thank you Joey, means a lot. I will be working on this some more over this next week, off and on. I have to say, though, I enjoy my Fokker DR.I project more. More fun to work on . . .

LOL! I know the feeling XP Well keep up the phenomenal works!!! :smiley: