Off-setting a line in Blender...

A college and I have been try to get our heads around this without success, hence the question.

Say you have an irregular form - a hand outline for example, be it a curve, a mesh, whatever. If you scale or Alt-S the form the objects outlines will scale consistently but not relatively. Is there a way rather to offset the line so that they remain parralel to the original form - either bigger or smaller?

Hope there’s a simple solution out there %| Thanks!

Assuming your outline is flat on the xy plane, you could first do an edge extrude in the Z axis, then select all the extruded faces, extrude region, press numpad 0 (zero), enter. Then use Alt S to offset them. But you have to be careful on overdoing it because the faces could end up running into each other. Then you could Alt RMB the top or bottom face loops and use the Pkey to seperate the selected faces…

There is unfortunately no offset command in blender – I would find it usefull as well. Alt-s and then adjusting manually is all we have at the moment.


Grafix & GreyBeard, thanks for reply! Something to add to the wish list… me thinks :wink: