Off Topic: 1st Page 2000 freeware download has a virus

If you took a look at the posting on the main page by AllTaken for must-have utilities, you will find a reference to 1st Page 2000, a web page creation tool. I just downloaded this and my virus scanner caught (and removed) a virus, Js.Trojan.WindowBomb. This is an annoying little virus that opens as many browser windows as it can, causing your system to stop responding and possibly crashing.

Any current virus checker should catch this when the zip exectuable is run and the files are expanded, but be forwarned. I’ve sent off a message to 1st page tech. support warning them of this.

What virus scanner are you using? I’ve seen things like this happen but they are a problem with the scanner, it thinking it’s finding something that it isn’t. Continue your communication with the people, but be aware that sometimes certain antivirus software detects viruses incorrectly.

Your point is well taken. I do try to make sure I’m not seeing a false positive. In this case, I’m using Symantec Antivirus 2003 (from the Systemworks 2003 package) with the latest virus definitions. The report complains about finding the Js.Trojan.WindowBomb virus in module Six Buttons from file hell.izs.

The Js.Trojan.WindowBomb works by putting up a dialog with 6 buttons and a notice that if you press any of them there will be hell to pay. Given the file and module where the virus was reported, this is most unlikely to be a false reading.

I have contacted Evrsoft and reported this, but I’ve not heard back from them yet.