Off topic address bar icon, what does it mean? (on IE)

I noticed before on IE, when i’m in all the other forums there’s nothing by the address bar, but when I enter the off topic forum I get a little image of an orange ball on top of a grey parabolic arc in the address bar.
(on some sites IE has a tiny graphic in the address bar)

So why does off topic have that and what does it mean, it’s been confusing me for some time now?

I think it the favicon, a little icon that shows up in your web page favorites. You may have that page bookmarked. I noticed when I use firefox the new posts says new posts when I use IE it says todays posts.

I don’t remember bookmarking that page.

Or did IE do it for me?

It’s just the old elYsiun favicon. It doesn’t really indicate that it’s a bookmarked site, it’s just something to make the site identifiable in the bookmarks menu or in tabbed browsers.