Off topic board ?

Shouldn’t it be good if we also could have some off topic board where we can post other things not related to Blender ?

Like general chat or some other tool platform…

I found a funny movie that I belive some 3D content is made with Animation Master…

check here:


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Not sure, lets vote on it in this topic,… so post your opinions everyone I am pretty interested in this.


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Off topic chat board not a good idea in my opinion, as it will only clog up


Off topic it is…

I agree with the above… I’m worried it could potentially clog elYsiun up… what with all the traffic here lately :wink: However, I think we’d face even more “clogging” if people just started posting any old thing in this forum because they didn’t have an “off topic” forum…

Hmmm… there must be a solution… and I’m sure Kibbie will find one… :wink:


Umm, the topic of this forum is News and CHAT. I think chat implies off-topic. It appears to me this IS the off-topic board, and another forum would be slightly redundant.

I think things are good as they are. Too many people cannot tell the difference between on and off topic and get ripped for it anyhow.

I don’t mind a little mix in conversation.

I like it just the way it is.



I think it’s good as it is now. The boards were a long time without a OT board and nothing went uterly wrong.


Chat on all subjects”
I like it like that, it keeps the forum from getting to boring and stuffy, like the Blender forum was getting to be. Keep “Questions&Answers” and the other specialized forums clean.