Off Topic -Looking for Photo Shop forums as good as B.A.

HI :o

Sorry for asking this in here but I didn’t know where else to go.

I got Photo Shop and I’m looking a message board as good as
this one is.

Any one know of such a place?

hmmm. What are you going to do with photoshop? Draw and paint with it or use it for design / photo manip / etc? If you’re going to be painting or drawing with it, I’d suggest and if you’re going to be doing design work, check out The Graphic Design Forum.

I don’t know of many forums that are photoshop specific. If you want to know specific features of the package, you can probably find most of what you’d need to know on any major art forum, since photoshop is possibly the single most common app in use by CG artists worldwide.

This is the best photoshop site I have found. But I’m no expert and I have not spent any time on their forum. Just thought I would throw this link out here for you…

Its just crazy what that program can do. I would love to be able to use even 30% of its features to full potential.

Very funny. Sometimes you know how to make a joke. :smiley: