Off Topic - really?

I’ll make this short because it’s not a big deal, but i’d still like to get it off the chest.

Does anyone else feel that it might make sense to have some more structure in the off-topic forum? I consider it’s location a little too prominent for some of the utterly trivial stuff being discussed in there (some of it i find disappointing)

I understand why discussions about other software gets relegated all the way down the forum list, but what i don’t get is how some of the current discussions shouldn’t be way further down in some more obscure subforum of off-topic.

hope that didn’t come across as a giant moan, it isn’t intended to.

The structure is easy; ignore it.
However, it would be good if you could exclude it from search results…

it would be pretty neat to have a function to ‘ignore thread’

Mmm. The off topic games are a good time waster. But they get annoying, especially when you search.

Maybe a little prefix like the [Solved] function that says [Game]. Enabling that removes that thread from the search results, unless you particularly want it.

Maybe even a [Rant] and [Question of Pointless Worth] prefix :wink:

yeah, off-topic has on occasion attracted an unfair amount of time-wasting. Which isn’t a great thing to have at your doorstep, as a ‘professional forum’ it baffles me.

edit: seems notably less today