off topic / web design help needed

i know a lot of people who do blender do web design so i thought i might start here for help. even though this is very much off topic, but any help would be appreciated.
i’m sure my problem is simple enough to fix but i have no clue how. recently i got a very bad virus which changed a lot of my internet options. and i’m having a horrible time figuring how to get them back to normal.
here is the problem, i do web design and when i open file in “my documets” and then open a “html file” and then try to save the changes i made to that file it will move the file to my “temopary internet files”
this is such a huge pain in the ass!. normally i would work on the html file and save it and it would stay right in the “my document” file i had it saved in.
but now it moves the file all the way to windows/temorary internet files for some reason, and i also adds a [1] to the end of the file name.
for instance i would make a file and save it as index.html , then i would go back to work on it and then save it again and it would transport the file all the way to “temorary internet files” folder and add an extention to the file name like this index.html[1]
man first the virus that totally stopped my internet usage, now trying to clean up after the virus has totally stopped my web design ability.
so frustrating, any help would be HUGE!!!
thanks ahead of time

sure i do web design just e-mail me at [email protected] or yahoo im me at Vaccine456<----- also my aim accouunt

it should only be copied there, the original should still exist

you should probably re-instal windows anyway [back up FIRST!!!]
only problem is, the time a unpatched system can be online without protection before it gets infected with SOMETHING is like 20 minutes [average], which is a whole lot shorter than the time till you have it patched.

have you tried another browser?

besides, not everybody uses IE [particularly when safari is an option], you should test in other browsers anyway

also, if you want someone to make you an awesome site for free, there is a small organization i know of called Project Faint. They make pretty good websites, especially because it is for free.

Wu: what program are you using to open up the html files?
What happens if you save the file as a text file? Does it still move it to the temporary internet files folder?

If you click “View Source” or “Edit page” in IE and you opened the page from an http:// address it will open the copy it made in the cache (Temporary Internet files)

If you do it to a local file (file:// address, but newer IE’s hide this fact) then it should open up the local file from where it lives - it shouldn’t put it in the cache at all. But being Microsoft I wouldn’t trust it.

Better would be to just open them directly rather than via IE anyway.

hey thanks for all the help guys. i found out what the problem was. i thought i had gotten ride of the virus. but it was still on my computer, and had changed all my internet explorer options on me. thats why it was saving my files to odd places.
but i know the fix is only tempoary because this virus always finds a way to return.
if anyone has had the “about:blank” virus on their computer and has any clue how to fix it, i would really appreciate the help. its a virus that takes over your homepage and will not allow you to change it. and the homepage they make you use is some awful search page.
so basically thats what my problem was, i still had the virus on my computer and it would not allow me to save files to there proper place, because it had changed my internet explorer options.
thanks for all the help and all future help.