Offer of soundtrack work for free

Hey guys,

I am an undergrad student doing Music Technology at Edinburgh Uni in the UK. As part of my course we are allowed to do a free composition module. I really wanted to hand in either an animation/film soundtrack or a game soundtrack.

Does anyone here have an animation I could write a score for and hand in as part of my portfolio? This would be done completely as a noncommercial work and the finished video wouldn’t be used for anything other than my University submission.

I’d be really greatful if anyone could help out. I need an animation around 3 mins or longer, preferably something with a story arc (as opposed to say, demoes of 3D models moving etc). In my mind I picture something like Platige Image’s “Cathedral” but anything would be great.

Thanks for any help or input on this.


I’ve spend the last few months animating my space epic - Captain Howell
I only do this in my lunch hour so I’ve still probably got 6 months work to do on it before episode one is completely ready

I’ve used some tracks from Soundsnap but I’m not very happy with them not really the feel I was looking for

I uploaded the first 2 minutes to youtube - I’ve set it as restricted viewing as Its not ready for release yet but you should be able to view it through this URL:

See what you think, if it interests you let me know