Offering CPU time

Hiya folks!

I just upgraded my computer, and I want to have a few nice benchmarks before I overclock it. So do YOU have a scene that you want at that nice resolution? Let me render it! Be sure to specify details as AA passes and SkyDome or Full Oclusion blah blah you know.

Renderers available:
Blender Render (version 2.42)

This really isnt the right place for this thread(or your one in the WIP section) probably best in offtopic or maybe one of the support forums.

yeah I didn’t know where to post it. I thought here I got most of the attention since people in this forum post their scenes and all… I’ll just leave them here if nobody really minds, else I’ll (re)move them.

Well, in fact, I do have an idea. I’ve been trying to do that toy (the one with 5 balls, each tied to a string, that keep hitting each other, and if they are put OK, if the first one hits the second one, the kinetic energy goes to the final one and so on…), but I cannot do the Physics Simulation. When I hit Run Game, Blender does nothing. It does not crash, not anything. The center at the meshes is where it’s supposed to be, but… Well, I am just 13 years old, I may not fully understand Blender, but hey! I’ve finished some projects too! Thanks! Sorry, but I cannot seem to know how to upload the .blend file…

What are your machine specs?

Do you have the E.D files?

I’d be curious to find out your render times for one of the frames from that movie.

E.g. the first closeup of Proog at 720x480 … took ~ 1 hour on my 1.2g / 256 meg XP box :frowning:


someone I know did this… clicky<–movie of it.

Intel Dual Core 2 Duo E6300
Some 1337 videocard that isn’t used anyway. :mad:

I’ve downloaded them now, which scene do you want me to render? (Filename please)

Gee, man, thanks!