Offering CPU time

Hiya folks!

I just upgraded my computer, and I want to have a few nice benchmarks before I overclock it. So do YOU have a scene that you want at that nice resolution? Let me render it! Be sure to specify details as AA passes and SkyDome or Full Oclusion blah blah you know.

Renderers available:
Blender Render (version 2.42)

I’d have a scene for Indigo here. It’ll burn your CPU enough plus it spits out a value you can use for benchmarking (mutations per seconds). I’ll provide you with a complete one-click package if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

Ah yes that would be nice, either send it to my mail ([email protected]) or upload it somewhere, do whatever you like. One click package would be convenient I guess, although if it is too much work, I can also just do stuff myself.

don’t have any projects at the mo, but what are you specs now? i’m interested


Mail is sent. :slight_smile:

Wrong forum.