OFFF Kyiv 2019 titles, done in Cycles4D

Rendered in Cycles, host C4D


nice ! are you the artist behind it ? was it done in octane ?

Nope, I’m not involved in the project whatsoever.

As I mentioned, rendered in Cycles. Great to see Cycles being used for this type of productions!

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what is host C4D then ? i didn’t undrestood, sorry.
Cycles is also the render engine of C4D. they have both the same name.

Yeah, that’s what I meant sorry. Basically, it’s been rendered with Cycles4D in Cinema 4D.

Edit: I’ll edit the topic title so it’s less confusing.

And just to be double clear: “Cycles4D” is a port of Blender’s Cycles renderer to Cinema 4D. The film was created in C4D then rendered with Cycles render engine inside of C4D.

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100% true, ton says it himself in an interview he made while working for autodesk

Say whaaaaaat? Ton working for Autodesk? What’s going on here?

oh wait it was not a joke. sorry my bad.
i really though that was the stupidest thing i ever head but it’s actually true.