Office Area

Not sure if this will work, but it’s the only place I’ve been able to post in on the web so far…

I’ve been tinkering with this off and on for some time. Haven’t done much more than modelling, but I’ve played around with some of the colors (to make it interest to look at) and a very few textures.

Constructive criticism and reverent praise both welcome :smiley:

Boy, those are some really light chairs… Never had mine float off the ground before :wink:

They are the new futuristic hover-chairs, its all the new rage… :wink:

Nice pic, could use a bit of work here and there, but its definatly a nice start, keep goin’ with it!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Nice start, yes

and nice lightning.

Maybe a little too low poly?

Keep it up


Looks like it’s gonna be a good piece! I especially like the keyboard.
Nice detail!

Obviously you’ll want to mix things up a little like vary the position of the chairs, the angles of the casters, and that kind of stuff but your probably way ahead of me there.

Nice lighting, colors and composition. Easy solution for the poly-stepping on your chairbacks and seat: turn on subsurf on those objects.

Assuming that your chairs ARE touching the floor object, you need to reduce the bias value of your spotlights (and optimize your clip start and clip end) in order to have the origin of the shadow originate properly.

another thing you may want to fix is the monitor. i’m not talking about modelling, but what i mean is that it’s probably very unlikely that everyone is working on the same thing at the same time :wink: maybe have one of them goofing off playing a game

Well, you know what they say, it’s easier to correct someone else’s golf swing than your own, that’s why I posted it here. I quite honestly have been working on the desk for long enough that the hovering chair eluded me.

The chairs are definatly too low poly, I kind of gave up on them to work on other stuff til I got interested in working on them again. I can only work on one model for so long before I go stir crazy. Thank you for the advice on touching it up, it’s very encouraging. And thanks for the tip on the lighting, it’s taken some getting used to in Blender. I understand lighting (I like film making as another hobby) but getting the lights to do what I want has taken some learning.

Yes, what’s on the monitors was something I threw up there to see if it would work, the pic is actually sitting behind a layer of “glass” I modeled, I want it to have a glare when I’m done.

And I’m sure some of you have noticed the monitors are all running Blender, an early screenshot of this scene actually. An overdone easter egg, but it’s what I had at the moment.

Thank you for the responses!