Office Building

Got an idea, did it.
I think this office building is almost done, but there still something that doesn’t look right.
Any idea what is is?

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So it’s good or what?
Anyway, here’s a second version with more light.

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the middle windows of the building look a little weird(what are those black spots)

Those would be reflections.

Hm, well. It is somehow difficult to recognise that it should be a office building. Maybe it’s the unusual kind of windows. But then i guess it’s mainly because it lacks some kind of surrounding. Maybe you should add some other Buildings in the Background? Or choose a slightly different Camera Angle where you can see the entry of the Building?

As it is now, it could be as well some sort of abstract-art.


I am studying architecture now. I actually just signed up to Elysiun to critique your work. I believe you have a firm understanding of what a skyscraper and office building should function as and look like (formally). There is a certain desire that emerges from your building. It represents a collision of two separate entities. (ok, i use a lot of words when doing this!!) You should expand on this, by deciding what separates these two buildings from each other, even if they are part of the same firm.

Regarding the rendering. You ask what might not look right in the rendering. Detail is important in this regard. For instance, the windows would never be joined in the fashion you show. There would be some kind of fastening hardware over the seams. This alone would add more depth to the peice, and make it more believable. I know that some architects have butted windows into each other with success, but for a building of such scale, it seems inappropriate, and unlikely.

Architecturally, the peice could use something else to break it up. I am thinking about “pilaster strips”, which were used on classical buildings. These dividers set forth hiecharchy and linearity and add to the verticallity of the building. In a modern sense, these “strips” could benefit, and make for a really creative design. Lastly, there seems to be a need for some sort of celebration at the point where the two shapes meet, it seems rather dull at that point, and as though light doesn’t make it there. How can you rearrange this space and make it shine?

I hope that this helps, if you need any clarification i would be happy to help.

You mean something like this?

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Added a nice little detail to make people understand they’re looking at an office.
What do you think?

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WOW, you really have improved the design of this building! Im glad that some of my points were taken into consideration. Are you pleased with the results? I really like the shadow that the building casts on itself, and the windows reflections sure are cleaner and more believable.

One thing that you may consider. A lot of companys these days that make signs use 3d lettering, with backlighting. You might, if you have time, consider doing this to your sign. It may only be a matter of putting lights behind the sign and increasing the translucency of it, but anyway, it’s just a little hard to read. (it’s also daytime, and the lights wouldn’t be on anyway, so ok then…)