Hi there, it’s been quite awhile ;), I’m posting my first architectural rendering here in order to get some feedback and that I could improve my future works. Thanks in advance :wink:


Nice work but you should have more detail, like computer screens having computers under the desk and power outlets in the wall. Also without enough objects a room doesnt really that good (my opinion) so you should also have more objects in the scene, like maybe a coffe maker thing and a sink andnwhatever fits

thx for reply, tho those pcs are macs (u can barely see small logo lol) also there is power outlet in the wall (just below the chair). I also wanted to keep it minimalistic but I agree that it’s a bit to little stuff here, one more high bookshelf near right wall could have solved problem I guess. I feel like I messed up the scale but idk…

Yeah, the room seems very long ATM, some thing that could fix that would be to have a rug. If you are going for more photo-realism you should have more dirt and dust on the table and the mug