Office Room (too empty?)(lighting update)

Updates further down thread

This is supposed to be the wall of an office or something:
C and C on making it look more real by adding objects, what objects should I add? Any other c&c is wanted aswell - Free Image Hosting

And here is a close up of the clock (modeled with more detail for an animation) - Free Image Hosting

maybe add a painting or place something (e.g. a desk) before the wall.

thanks for the idea, a desk should be perfect! :smiley:
Lighting updates: - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting

First, the texture on the calendar looks horridly low res, but I really like the idea. Second, the calendar only has one page, and is showing a month. Does this fellow get a new calendar every month?

The image is a little boring. Add a subject, other than a quite blank wall. A desk is good, file cabinets, lamps, chairs, a couch, keep adding stuff.

I like the idea. It needs something other than a wall though, lol.

Keep it up.