Office scene

Well it’s far from perfect, but I think it qualifies as a finished render, and I want to start something new. So here’s my second posted render, coments and criticism are always appreciated.[/COLOR]

the walls look too flat because of the texs.try using UVs

Pretty cool. Reminds me of one of my sets.

Only thing that confuses me is that the window shows tell-tale signs of the “cartoony” look, like I use, yet the rest is “realistic”. Which are you going for? If real, fix the window, if cartoony, warp more of those edges.

Hey pctopgs, take a look at my wall textures and tell me what you think of them. I’d be thankful of your input!

it looks good but you need to turn down the ambient occlusion its far too grainy

I personaly like the graininess in this picture, I think it adds to the sort of warm feel the scene, I know this is in fisnished projects but I took some of the other advice, and I think it looks much better now so here it is.