Office Shoe Modelling

How can I create the curve shape of the sole of this shoe? Notice how the front the sole curve inwards and middle part curves outward. How do I create this shape?
The is this the reference shoe (sole)

This is what I have modelled so far

Grab the middle of the flat pert you’ve modeled, press O to turn on Proportional Editing, move it down

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Ok. I will try this now

Moving forward, how do I model the body of the shoe…??

Hahaha , Sadly that question is a bit too broad, these isn’t an answer like shift-A → add shoes…
Unfortunately you should learn modeling in order to be able to redo any subject in 3D.

Forums are good to give you a few tips, but unless someone is willing to give you a step by step method to redo the shoes, that’s going to be complicated.

You can look for tutorials by yourself :