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I started out modeling a pencil, to help someone out who was stuck in a 3Dsmax tutorial, decided to see how realistic I could make the pencil, then added my fountain pen, and kept going. Here’s the result.

Everything was done within Blender, even the lable on the ink bottle, which is UV mapped, uses a Blender render for the image.

Anyway, I’m looking to push this up a level. Maybe it’s the subject matter, but the image looks so… ordinary. Any suggestions?

Im not seein the pic, try adding it as an attachment

I would say it’s mostly the lighting. It’s way to harsh and flat. There’s not much contrast in the image. Try lighting with an HDR Image. Or perhaps multiple softlights.

It looks like the eraser end of the pencil is sinking into the table a bit.

There isn’t much detail in the Table top. If the table really were flat you would see more detail in the texture. Or - If it really is smooth, you would see more reflection. Trying going one way or the other. Either a bump to add some detail to the grain or bump up the RayMirror value.