this is my first thread on BlenderArtist.

I used Blender 2.62 and cycles to render this and the postpro was made in GIMP.

C&C are welcome!


Ps : I add a new night version, still blender 2.62 and cycles, no post production this time.

I actually did this to show red LEDs better than on the other image. ( and test myself on ’ nightrenders ’ wish is the first one for me ^^)

C&C are welcome.



Very nice, I absolutely love (the) Cycles (look). The only flaw is the horrible lensflare. I have nothing against lensflares though, but these standard ones (Gimp or PS?) are just horrible, hehe… ;D

what are those red lines? and i think the scene is too much iluminated… but it’s a great scene at all, i really like it!!


@farmfield : It’s Gimp actually but i’m a beginner in post pro so thank’s for noticing. Could you give me any way to make it look better?
@iii210 : Red lines are LEDs, but as you said, the room is very bright, i’ll try a ’ render at night to see them ’ brighter ’ as lights.

I think it looks a little washed out, other than that great image!

Well, when you want/need flares, either learn how to use blender compositors tool to manually make your own flares or manually make your own flares in Gimp - but don’t use the lens flare filters, not in Gimp or PS - it’s just to obvious…

How to make your own flares? Well, that’s so dependent on what kind of flare, so check images with flares in them and play around in the compositor and/or Gimp… A fast search also provided this youtube video, there should be more out there… Also, Blender Guru have made something called ‘The Wow Factor’ which is worth checking out at

A picture with the sun into the lens becomes washed out so I actually think the washed out look makes it more realistic, hehe… Imperfection is a huge part of realism. :smiley:

Looks great, I literally just saw this on BlenderGuru’s facebook!

really good, but that lens flare is just out of place.

Hahaha yeah I put it there before I find this site wish is kind of more appropriate than a facebook page !

Thank’s; i’ll remove it, or change it .

Thank’s buddy, that helps alot.

No prob’s mate. I look forward to more renders. :slight_smile:

I added another version so you can see what does the red lines really are and look like :wink:

The first image is really cool, totally another level than the second image. I like it a lot, apart from the lensflare, as other people said :slight_smile:


Stunning work, especially the first image (i agree on the lens flare though). The LED strings give a rather unconventional look to the room, but in a nice way!

if you add a glow effect node of fog glow the scene will be superb!! thanks for the new render i think is really great!!

-sorry for bad english :S

nice work, yes, the lance flare is horrible. I hate flares, you got really nice results with cycles.