Office ( Yafaray )

Hi !

This is my last render , as usual made with blender and yafaray:

Some screen of the objects with low or medium settings :

Mix on the render 2 :

Always stunning.


stunning, great

nice models - nice textures and of course some great realistic render.:yes:

Beautiful modeling and texturing, it maybe just me but I’ve always hated that nuclear explosion outside the window look. The studio renders without the harsh white light outside the window look great.

wow gabich, you’re very good at Yafaray… excellent!

Great work! Any tutorials to share?

that, is sweet!!

Amazing work!

Well, it’s what you see when you look into a sunny window, so I think it’s good he added the effect. It adds a lot to the “sunny feeling”.

everything i love other than the coca cola can which does not look right, compare it to an actual can of coke picture and its not shiny/metallic enough.

othaer than that i love :slight_smile:

amazing renders

Wow how did you make the spring? Is there a trick to it.