Hi All,
Models are lowpoly except the chairs. Details are very less right now. i am not intended to take any close shots so thats ok i guess.

I will post some rendered images soon

Wow, great scene…
Can’t wait to see it’s full rendered scene

But, I think the chair still high poly. Don’t you create the low-poly one?

Thanx alot :slight_smile: i will have to do some more texturing. Hopefully i will post the textured version tomorrow.
Actually i did that chair long back and the lowpoly version is missing. i didn’t want to model it again.m such a lazy person u know :wink:

Looks really good! Only problem I see is with the first image, couple of the cubicle panels on the left are turned to set smooth, kinda sticks out. Other than that, awesome!

Thanks allot for pointing out that mistake.:slight_smile: Not only cubicles,most of the interiors were smooth. I already have rectified it even before i saw this reply.but still thank you very much for the appreciation:)


Some screen shots of office textured. I don’t know why the floor looks black.Actually it is textured

Here are some quick render in yafaray. I need to work on lighting and materials setup

C&C welcome

Looking really good! Could crits though. First, the monitors looks like mirrors. I have a monitor like that, and it doesn’t reflect at all, just solid black, maybe with a tiny bit of specularity. The scene is a little dark, I also noticed a lack of lamps or lights in the scene (unless they are on the ceiling, I couldn’t tell). Besides that, this project has come a long way! Great work!

Looking good so far but yeah, monitors aren’t reflective.

Also the column thingy closest to the camera in the last image is clipping through the vent :wink:

Thanx friends for the appreciation.
@Dudebot13 You are right. monitors wont reflect that much. i checked mine too. :o
and about lighting, like i said earlier it was a quick render. i need to work on the lighting and material setup. Those round and square things on the roof are lights. Right now i am doing only day mode. later i will do night mode too with all the lights glowing :o
@NinthJake Thanks for pointing out that mistake. I have corrected it

Here is another render with improved lighting i guess. I need to put one back ground image and also glasses for the windows. right now it is glassless :slight_smile:

Do a small improvement on the chair model, try adding some sort of metal rod to the ends of the plastic tubes connecting the head and back supports of the chair. That specific detail, as others you may think of, will help a great deal. Space needs a bit more filling. Perhaps a wood thing around the walls, I don’t know how to name that.

That looks great! If your computer can handle it, I would suggest Octane renderer, fast and realistic.

That looks good! but seems there’s something wrong. Let me figure it out and get back to you then.

look extremly awesome

Great job!!!