Here my first finished scene in blender:

I worked a bit on the scene, so here is the new version:

Please click to see the high res version :wink:

The Old Version:

Hope you enjoy.

Great modeling! Don’t forget to work on the lighting, I think it would improve the final result by a lot.

This is nice! Good materials/textures here. One thing that caught my eye, like Andreu mentioned, is the light. The lamp is not on but light seems to be coming from where the lamp is.

Placement of objects seems a little off to me, meaning that the glass and cup seem to be in “dangerous” areas, I know its silly, but hey. Also I agree on the lighting topic, and if the lamp is supposed to be providing the light to the scene, I would try to fake the illumination of the lamp by applying an emit surface to the bulb, possibly an area light with a splash of color from the monitor to add its illumination effect. Materials need a little work, but hey, this is your first scene, and you’ve done a great job with it, all of the other stuff will come in time.

PS. The poster about programming has an error “insanetiy” I’m sure should be “insanity”

Thanks for the quick replies :slight_smile:


My problem with the lamp is that I used a spotlight, so it focused only the table and with a pointlight it didn’t look realistic to me.


I’m gonna trie to make the monitor glow a bit and fix that with the poster, thanks.

Wow, that’s a lot better than my first scenes :slight_smile:
This might be a bit of a stretch, but maybe try putting an ever so slight reflection on the table, with a high frensel and lower gloss? Real desks always reflect the scene/light to some degree (else we wouldn’t be able to see them), especially a white one like this :slight_smile:

Oh, and any chance the picture of the grass originates in some was from a tutorial by BlenderGuru? :wink:
Might want to add some sort of glare or glass-covering sort of look, more or less looks like cardboard atm

But again, well done!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually there is a little reflection, but thanks for the tipp.


i think you downloaded the models and made just the materials and the light. that’s the easiest way but not the most honest.

… use cycles…

Great first scene!! Try to use Cycles.

Quick anwere: no.

Thanks, I’ll may use it for my next scenes.

a: what the hell is an “anwer”?
b: i know you downloaded them. don’t deny it.
c: modeling normally takes a lot of time and work. so a big part of this render is not made by you.

I’m not denying anything. Why the F**k do you think that I downloaded the models???