Officer Down!hill - 1 Day Game Project

Hi all,

I’ve just finished a super rough game using the BGE. The game is of the police-sledging genre (one of my favourites) and details can be viewed here: (includes screenshots, video and download link)

I hope to do a weekly game-in-a-day feature thing on my blog for the duration of my games design degree. I’m really loving Blender for quick turnaround prototypes and of course the excellent community :smiley:

Wow, I’ve never heard of police sledging before. I didn’t know they did that.

The game looks good. (The physics especially look perfect.) The one thing that I’d point out is that the slopes on either side of the ski trail have an obvious tiling texture.

I’ll be following this project =D

Yeah I had to play with creating a custom convex hull in order for the policeman not to roll over using rigid bodies. I still think the snow collisions are too hard but I haven’t a clue how to create a softer effect. Ideally I’d like an ease-out on contact but I don’t know how that technically translates.

If I had a longer timeframe I’d definitely sort out the tiling issues and probably bake the shadows of the scene too - at the mo I’m using a shoddy alpha plane hack on some of the trees.

Haha, brilliant stuff :slight_smile: Would love to see murrays face if he ever watched the video :stuck_out_tongue: well done mate.

I think for final levels you need a patch where the guy sleds down, to make it look like other people sleded there before. :slight_smile:

Haha definitely. I wanted to add a jousting mode where rival officers could sled towards each other with batons outstretched.

Lol that sounds fun ^-^

Ok tell me what is one day game project it will be so good and nice i love to play this game.