Official 2.64 Test Builds

For those who don’t yet know, there are official 2.64 test builds available here, with release logs here(I’ll add a game engine section soon). Please, try them out and report any issues (preferably to the BGE bug tracker if they’re game engine bugs).

I’ve started the BGE release notes, and they can be found here.

Woot! Is DXT texture support in trunk? Or only Harmony?

Everything in that release log is in trunk. :wink:

Forgot Harmony Phase 1 is in trunk. Thanks!

I was going to post a thread about a bug I’m experiencing where it seems like render.drawLine doesn’t work off of the scene you designate (i.e. drawLine([0, 0, 0], [10, 10, 10], [1, 0, 0]) won’t create a red line from the zero point of the world to 10, 10, 10 in the current scene, but will do so in the lowest scene?). I’ll see if the bug’s fixed.

EDIT: The bug’s not fixed in the test builds. I’ll post a bug to the tracker.

Also, does this mean that no more BGE projects or patches will be added to 2.64? The alpha shadows patch would be nice, but I could see the alpha shadows patch taking time to update with the new shadow system, so I understand.

Blender Official 2.64 Test Builds :

Blender 2.63 :

The DDS textures (DXT1 Compression) going crazy on Blender Official 2.64 Test Builds

Another test :


test.blend (159 KB)test1.blend (639 KB)

the new versions of blender are broken,my scene is all messed up! I am using the old one until it gets fixed!

I do not think this is a helpful description of the problem.
Please be a bit more specific that the developers can investigate.

Characters that have been made with the skin modifier the armature changes position in the blender game engine.

On very important thing I forgot to mention about DDS/DXT textures is they need to be flipped. From the commit log:

One important thing to keep in mind when using this feature is that you’ll need to flip your textures vertically (both the GIMP and Photoshop DDS tools I’ve seen have support for this on export). This is a quirk in using a texture format originally made for DirectX/DirectDraw, and flipping the compressed data is a real headache. Another quick fix for this issue is to change the Y value for the Size in the Mapping panel in the Texture properties to -1 (default is 1).

I have added this to the release logs now as well.

i’m convert JPG texture to DDS using DXTViewer.

when texture loaded on blender i got this.

another fine prog for working with these texture files is at


All you have to do is extract blender 2.64 test build from the zip folder right?

The new version is really broken…
The screen shot is to demonstrate that the 2d filters are broken,now a bloom filter is all blurry.
But this is not a big problem,the big problem is that the performance is very low, my game is now not having 60 fps anymore, old build was just fine,2.64 is BAD.
Animations are broken too, wont play same as before.
Textures are quite crispy, whenever i look at them.

From the little testing I’ve done, I haven’t had major slowdown problems compared to older builds, but I can confirm that 2D filter functionality is broken (at least at the time that build was done).

There was a commit recently that may have fixed that (Moguri noting it was a regression), not sure if that’s related to the problem seen here or something else.

If you notice problems, please provide simple example files demonstrating the problems!

As for the commit Ace Dragon mentioned, it was for non-2D filter custom shaders, so most likely a different problem.

I dont have a problem with the skin modifier now i was doing it wrong.

Just a random question; have you got displaylists enabled?

I got used with that blurry bloom, i actually like it now! But the animations play different now via python.