Official BAC#8 WIP Thread

This thread is intended for all people who want to participate in the BAC#8 and use this as a community WIP thread. Simply post your animation status here and comment on the others…

Feel free to post questions as well.

Any comments on my blocking?
also, when is a good time to switch from constant to bezier for interpolation?

Hey AMDBCG nice start, your blocking is good. Some poses could be made stronger. A good time to switch to bezier is when you have enough breakdowns to define the animation clearly. If you switch too soon to bezier then blender is going to give you crappy breakdowns, you want to be in control of your animation don’t let blender animate for you.

Does anyone know of a online video host that uses the quicktime player?, because critiquing animation from youtube or vimeo is hard ( there is no way to go frame by frame)

Nice start AMDBCG. But there’s one thing I want to draw your attention to, you appear to be moving the ‘master’ bone. This can cause problems unless you key it’s position as the character changes it’s position. For example, switch your curve for the ‘master’ bone from constant to linear and do an alt-a playback. If the character changes it’s position in relation to the ‘master’ bone, and the ‘master’ bone changes it’s position as well, it seem really strange when you change to linear or bezier curves.


@AMDBCG: nice animation. You defined curvy movement at start. For bezier: I use it at very end, so constant at extreme/marker pose, linear till near finish phase, and bezier for final.

Anyway these are my WIP and final shot for this competition