Official Blender 2.8 Addons. Call for Help!

As part of the Blender addons team, I’d like to say hi and let you guys know how we got here, what the current plans are and what we can do to help make Blender 2.8 addons release successful.

Brief history:
Blender has since it’s beginnings, has had addons and scripts, In 2.49 we made an effort to add new scripts and have everything working. With the major api break and the move to the 2.5 then 2.6 series, addons continued to be popular and the most used/requested or useful seemed to always find a way forward.
The source of these addons was the built in addons, the addons community here, Blender Devs, Independent Studios, artists community, github and requests.
For the 2.79 release, we decided to try to showcase what addons had been made during this phase. With the help of lijenstina and so many others we put together a significant addons release.

Current Status:
Not all of the addons in 2.79 release will make it to 2.8. We knew 2.8 would be a major challenge for addons and hoped that by showcasing in 2.79, we could provide inspiration for the future.
I have made a task here: which goes into mode depth and is used to reference moves and removals.
I’ve set the goal as “There will be only working addons in 2.8”. Addon’s with no active developer or addons that there’s simply not enough man power to fix, are being demoted to contrib addons in nightly builds until fixed or 6 months before full removal. Already I’ve removed the Advanced objects addon to contrib as I won’t have the time to fix it. I hope at least some parts will come back.

What you can do to help:
If you download a nightly build of Blender here:
You can see the working state of addons with many “upgrade to 2.8 required” warnings.
The first thing to do if you want to help is look and keep looking here: and look at the history buttonn of the addon, you can do this for the whole repo too. It can let you know if it’s being worked on or just receiving semi automated api fixes.
If your an author of an addon in Blender without commit rights or have updated an addon because you need it, or would like to help, please, start a task here: with your fixes or commit your fixes sooner rather than later.
New addons for 2.8 may also be welcome. subject to approval.

Thanks, there’s much to do.


place holder for updates

sry I don’t have the level to help. but meshlint coud be part of the official addons and an option to see meshes intersections added

Lots of addons moving around at the moment, so a reminder for people who build their own Blender using something like ‘make update’ ‘make release’ that the build process will not remove files that have been renamed/moved/deleted so you need to manually remove the output directory (I typically delete the whole ‘2.80’ directory and let the build re-install it) or you will end up with lots of “duplicate add-on” messages when you go to Preferences->Add-ons, as well as obsolete add-ons that should have been deleted.

The same thing will happen if you unzip a new Blender build download over an existing output directory rather than using a new folder/directory (or deleting the old one) each time.

hi @Zoot thanks for the reminder, yes, if your building blender you’ll need to make some changes. Near everything was done in the one day, so hopefully the inconvenience is lessened somewhat.

Please note: most all broken and outdated addons have been removed form Blender release and moved to addons contrib. Nightly builds should be fine but if you build yourself you may need to delete your addons and addons contrib folders.
git submodule foreach --recursive git pull --rebase origin master
may fix the issue