official Blender 64bit soon...

…do a 2.44 in a relative short timeframe, like 2
months (end of april).

Possible projects for 2.44:

  • make blender 64 bits safe (Ton)
  • image browser (Andrea)
  • adding composite nodes (Bob)
  • vertex array drawing for derivedmesh (Joe)
  • ffmpg cleanup, and integration for release in osx and windows
  • baking: object-to-object ray normal baking (baking hires object into
  • pynode (Nathan)


So maybe we could finally see a 64bit blender that will address more than 2GB of RAM for those memory hungry fluids and nodes :cool:

that’s good news
especially the 64bit part and the pynodes IMO :smiley:

The operative word being ‘possible.’

Great! I’m sorry to say that I’ll be running the “YESIAMSTUPID” edition of Blender in the meantime.

yes! another reason why blender is more fun to use than commercial products.

to everyone else: yes ton said ‘possible’, but when has the devs ever let us down? :eyebrowlift2:

I am also running in YESIAMSTUPID mode! ( I think Ton got a bit nervous that time…) Actually I find it is perfectly usable already, just when you happen to open a 64bit-saved file in a 32bit blender, you get a couple of fancy things, but until now I could fix them all easily (save the file again under a new name, etc…)

Chris Want (Hos) did that, not Ton. Ton just completely disabled 64bit, Chris added the YESIAMSTUPID option to use it himself.


Anyway that was funny…

Woot! I certainly hope so… I just got a shiny new amd64 computer, and I can’t wait to use its maximum potential as I drive my computer crazy with sculpt mode and fluid simulations :slight_smile:

From time to time they have, in some ways: he-mesh, Nurbana, Pytextures… The only thing that that prooves is their humanity, something to remember when comes the time for praise, comments or, (eeek!..) addictive requests.


Well, from time to time they don’t make it, but to touch on a couple of points by IamInnocent

Nurbana was almost done. Emmanuel is still hanging around, ready to help whoever wants to finish the integration, he can’t do it himself, is all, because real life hauled him off.

He-mesh and the blender mesh system are being replaced by Briggs by the bmesh n-gon-tools rewrite.

It looks like we won’t see a BF 64 bit version in the immediate future. We can hold off on getting those quad core cpu systems with 8 gigs of memory.:evilgrin:

That wasn’t my point: they still may fail and they still may meet greater success that ever expected. There’s likely many thing to come out of the blue that will surprise us and others that we fully expect that won’t happen. A project like Blender is a human adventure to a level like no regular business can be. That is my point.


Where can I get a 64 bit Blender for Ubuntu?

No point it getting defensive, I wasn’t affirming or denying the validity of what your point was. I was just letting everyone know that those two particular projects weren’t quite dead.

I’m on 64 bit Feisty Fawn, and I just “apt-get install blender” to get 2.43. 2.42a is in Dapper. They’re in the universe repostories.

However, these are the “YESIAMSTUPID” versions, because 64 bit versions aren’t “safe” yet. They really should make this warning clear in the package description, because many users won’t notice the warning message if they don’t launch it from a console.

Wasn’t the ALPHA version from ages ago 64-Bit?

yes it was, but since then there has been code added that was not 64-bit safe (so I’m told).



Also, IIRC, library linking was never safe between 64 and 32 bits files (this wasn’t an issue at the time since the work environment at NeoGeo was, I assume much more homogeneous than the current mix of platform and architecture).


Somebody clue me in on what the “YESIAMSTUPID” version is - still 32 bit?