Official Blender, Compile Yourself, Graphicall Builds (Poll)

Out of pure interest,
How do you get your Blender?
Do you Only use Official builds from
Do you compile Blender Yourself?
Do you use the latest builds from

Buildbot was not mentioned in the poll maybe an error on my part.
however looking at the poll results & gauging the replies & some research on d/l figures,
it would not be unreasonable to say as a general result the approximation would be: 45% *real figure probably much higher if you count actual d/l’s per release. (3 million d/l per year approx)
Build yourself 20%
Graphicall 20% *real figure probably much higher (1 million d/l per year approx)
Buildbot 15%

So for interest sake I did a summary. :slight_smile:

As best as I can tell/guess/estimate from the poll results I will sum it up by saying:
On the BA forum about half the users use official Blender, the other half is fairly evenly distributed between people who build themselves, use graphicall test builds or use buildbot svn builds
thanks for the participation.

I use graphic all for testing and if I need a certain developing feature, but for more serious work I use official builds.

All three.
I carry an official build on a thumbdrive via PortableApps.
I build my own on my linux box, and use graphicall builds on my windows machine.

Graphicall builds are all I use.

Graphicall builds for CUDA rendering, but I tend to do most of my work in a nightly build I get from an Ubuntu PPA. But that option is not on the list :stuck_out_tongue:

From graphicall
Test builds, experimental , I like them all.
Compile? Whats that ? ( joke ) No I do not
Latest builds, 2 times a year or so.

compile blender myself

Thanks for the mention of PPAs monsterdog. I’m mostly a Window guy and I’ve always wondered if there was an easy way to keep Blender up to date on Ubuntu. Loading my thumb drive with Precise now to check it out…

i’ve only recently taken to compiling it myself (on Ubuntu), but i’m finding it to be a lot more satisfying than getting a graphicall build every once in a while to see what’s been updated. updating to the most recent trunk version and compiling only takes about 10 minutes or so on Ubuntu, and it’s so much easier to manage and remember than all the random graphicall builds i’d download on Windows. plus it’s more consistently stable! and if it’s not, at least you know it’s your fault :smiley:

Normally it’s the official build, but if i need some new feature or bugfix it’s graphicall.

Why Buildbot is not mentioned? I use mostly that since Windows x64 miniGW builds are available.

usually the official build.
graphicall just to see some particular feature.

1st GraphicAll
2nd Tried to build w/MSVC 2008/2010/2011 x64, MinGW - never succeeded to build fully working x64 Blender (too much time consumed on ‘adjusting’ compile options.

I use Official Blender for most stuff but when compositing I use Psy-Fi’s builds on GraphicAll.

Yeah, since buildbot started with MinGW I d/l from there too. And as I’m still in Maya for production, I have no problems running daily builds of Blender, just playing around with it… For the moment they seem VERY stable though. :slight_smile:

ok, it would be unfair to include buildbot now,
I use it too sometimes if it has a build more recent than graphicall.
The main Idea here was to get a general picture of how people get their blender.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I didn’t see that they had Mingw64 there now, I think I would change my vote, definitely! But Meta does have a point that it would be unfair to include it now since the poll has gone on for so long… my computer is slow and that build is up to 200% faster!

But Meta does have a point that it would be unfair to include it now since the poll has gone on for so long
The first post said this was for ‘pure interest’ so I don’t see what can be fair or unfair in such a poll if nothing actually comes of it.

chill out.

I compile my own in Linux Mint 13 64-bit with cmake, using the ‘svn up’ approach. I do have to admit there is a lot about this that is still very much grey-area, and would very much appreciate a discussion on some of the challenges one tends to face as newbie dealing with stuff like adding oiio and Boost.
I was advised to post any issues I had in the Tech Support section of BA but it must not get a lot of viewing.

But I don’t want to hijack this thread… so yeah, for all intents and purposes I compile my own. Sort-of successfully.:confused: