Official Build, Alpha Build and Win Installed Build Cleanup Question

I like to install the latest nightly/alpha build every few weeks to get all the latest cool features and UI changes and I also keep the latest official build up to date. Of course, over time like many of you I get a small pile of Blender builds in my C drive that I need to clean up to reclaim space. No problem.

But there is one build 2.90 since my last workstation rebuild that had an actual Win 10 install and has an ADD/REMOVE entry. Being pretty deep into a project for work and not wanting to screw up any plug-ins, scripts or whatnot, is deleting this older version with Windows Control Panel any different than the usually deleting the folder? i.e. will it mess with config files, library files, Roaming files, etc. of the other builds?


That folder is related to that version of blender specifically. Each version installed creates a config folder where all the stuff related to that version, including your settings and startup file stay. If you don’t use 2.90 anymore and it is already uninstalled you can delete the 2.90 folder of the blender config without any problem for any other blender installation you may have.

The concern was using the Win Uninstall on that one. Thinking it may go full clean wipe or something of the Roaming data files. Guess I could just delete the folder like the rest and forget about the Windows install Reg entry.

Well, if you have an entry for uninstalling in your system, the best is to uninstall it first and after that you delete the folder if it remains there.