Official pie menu buggy?

yesterday i downloaded the latest version of Blender 2.8 and now the pie menu (official pie menu) in the addons don`t work anymore. When i try to activate it, i get an error and when i hit the q-button nothing happens. Is this a error of me or is this addon buggy?

I am beta testing another builders 2.8 and he mentioned the latest build changed a lot. He had to go through and do a whole bunch of recoding to get the existing add-ons he created to work. He also mentioned how other coders are probably going nuts as well having to make changes to get their add-ons working again. So as with all betas this happens. By the time the RC comes out then it should be all in (Mostly) good working order. So I honestly can’t speak for the latest blender build as I still have the previous to this current one on my system along with about 5 versions of the beta testing I am doing for another guy which I am spending more time in.