OFFICIAL TRAILER! Kaliyuga: The Dark Ages (Action-Adventure & Open World Game)

Title: Kaliyuga - The Dark Ages
Developer: Morningstar game studios
Genre: Action-Adventure & Open World
Mode: Single-Player
Engine: UPBGE 0.2.3
Platform: PC
Release Date: July 2018

Official Trailer

Official Poster

PS: This game will be released on steam as soon as possible.

Kaliyuga: The Dark Ages is an open-world game which player can explore, hunt, fight, interact etc. This game is based on a novel titled “Garuda Riders” by Adhicipta R.W, which the story has strong Indonesian culture background in it.

The game’s main story revolves around Taragaja’s quest to save the world from Kaliyuga (dark ages) by collecting Hasta Brata element which 2 of them owned by Valli, she is a giant tree who is cursed by her own power. The game is set a millennium after the last Kaliyuga events and takes place in the fictional Archipelago of Bumi Varadwipa. During the game, player will go through main quests while discover new weapon, armor & magic skill. The game will be open-world so other activity other than main quests is possible like exploring, hunting, arena fighting & interacting with peoples.

(More detail about this game will be updated soon)

Key Feature

  • Open World
  • Wildlife hunting gameplay
  • Combat arena gameplay
  • Variety of weapons (melee & acrhery)
  • Variety of magic skill
  • Fast-paced & fluid combat gameplay
  • Variety of enemy types
  • NPCs interaction
  • Beautiful world environment with strong Indonesian culture
    (More feature of this game will be added soon)



Official Teaser


Support Us
This game will be Free to Play. So if you think this game deserve more appreciation, you can support us by donating to this game, link down below:

Every donator names will be put on the credit part of the game. This game also planned to be released on Steam, so any amount of donation will be much appreciated, Thank you!

Development Team
Game Director & Environment Artist

Character & Props Artist


Looks very interesting… can’t wait to see more.

comment redacted.

If you’re active on BGE group in faceboook you can check that for yourself that this game is already shared a couple time there before. Also if you check out my social media account this game is already developed back in November 26, 2016 to be exact. The blogspot article that you just showed has nothing to do with this game, i even just found out that exist (name similarities).

This game intented to be my final thesis on college so i have huge responsibilty concerning legality issues. I just post this game now because it has reached 90% (nearly finished) product and has official release date which is July 2018. Lastly i’ve been member of blenderartist forum for a long time from my first game Z-Virus back in Apr 2, 2011. So i don’t see how you can see this as a scam. I understand your concern but please do some research first thank you :slight_smile:

Fair enough…

from my perspective, as only being active in the BGE community for a year, I never saw this game before…
and for it to just spring up being as ‘polished’ as it seems + when I googled it(duck duck go) and got this strange link…it just felt fishy/off…

my intention was to have you prove that this is legitimate and also have others be wary…it seems legitimate though…so I offer you my apology and can redact my initial comment.

No problem, i do share some updates of this game from 2016, but not here in blenderartist. I just not really active on this forum lately. Thanks for reminding me to add more info on this thread, it’ll be updated over time :slight_smile:

Glad you decided to post on here, even with Ecclesia being my own game, I definitely think this should be Blender Game of the Year!
Keep up the great work! You are pushing me to do much more in Ecclesia and beyond!

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Fantastic game! The graphics are amazing

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Amazing game…The best UPBGE game ever…congratulations!


is this using something like my terrain streamer?

what is the framerates like?

I just heard that (terrain streamer), so no i modelled the terrain manually from the blueprint map that i made. The FPS is around 60-40s with my PC spec which is intel core i5, 16gb RAM & 4gb nvidia gtx 750ti

if you use a terrain splat map, (vertex color driven texture mixing) all the terrain can be 1 material, so you can load in a big patch, and batch it in upbge

if you use a atlas and bake a world assembly kit (modular building pieces, fences etc. all as 1 material you ca batch those.

grass /leaves can be done with a geometry shader I think on the cheap.

really nice job btw.

keep it up.

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ah i see. in my case i use stencil mapping it’s kinda same output like terrain splat map which couple texture merge into one material. also i already use geometry shader in my game and yeah it increase some FPS. but anyway thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

NOW THIS :hushed:

Can’t wait to play this game, its been a long awaited game from yr side @Fajrul97
@Fajrul97 in the future after this game are going to make more BGE Games or is this yr last BGE Game?


Thanks! :slight_smile:
As you may know BGE won’t have any more future update from Blender so i guess this it. This game will be my final tribute to Blender for the game dev. journey that they gave since when i start making games from 2011. in the future because I will focus on the commercial game industry after I graduate from college, i will move to the engine that is competent in that field which is Unity/Unreal.

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Thats me too !!! :sunglasses:
iam also running my last BGE Projects as a Tribute as well.
They really Gave us a good start to game design :sunglasses:
Anyway Great chat i wish you all the best and take care @Fajrul97


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Really? what a coincidence haha. This is the right time i guess cause BGE era will be over soon. They did gave us good start to game design and it’s something priceless for all of us.

Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

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New Video!
Underworld Arena Showcase:


UPBGE is still in active development


That is great to hear! I love it, it is perfect for Ecclesia. Are there plans for an Animation System kinda like StateMachines in UE4 or BlendTrees in Unity? That would be really helpful.

Edit: Is there an active thread I can ask these questions on? I don’t want to take away from Kaliyuga. :slight_smile:

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